The ONLY pay-as-you-go program in the oil and propane industries.
Here’s what all the excitement is about:
Attract a lot more new customers
Paygo is a hit with homeowners who don’t like the idea of paying for their fuel months before they use it. And there are lots of them.
Keep more of your existing customers
Paygo gives you something other companies can’t match. It also erects financial “barriers to exit” that deter customers from leaving.
Differentiate your company’s brand
Paygo helps you stand out from virtually every other fuel provider in a way that makes your whole company seem more fair, innovative and customer-friendly.
Make spring and summer fills a non-issue
Customers don’t pay until they use the fuel anyway, so you eliminate all those angry calls. If you sell propane, it’s also great for building your allocation.
Convert will-calls to auto-delivery
With Paygo, there’s much less reason for credit-approved customers to choose will-call. It is the most potent tool for getting (and keeping) customers on auto delivery.
Tank monitors change the delivery game
Paygo-provided monitors not only keep fuel use estimates tight, they cut your delivery costs, reduce run-outs and make it easy to maximize delivery efficiency.
Bill like a utility company
Utility companies have used your billing approach against you for years. Now you can turn the tables, and bill just like them.
Transform your future
When you combine all the benefits of Paygo, you start to see why this one program can make such a big difference.
A complete turn-key program for your success.
Customizable marketing materials
Paygo can provide you with all the promotional tools you’ll need to maximize the program’s potential: enrollment websites, post cards, mailers, bill inserts, internet display and pay-per-click campaigns, newspaper ads—you name it. We will make it easy for you to win big with existing customers and new ones.
Training for your sales and customer service team
We’ll provide extensive training and ongoing support so you can turn Paygo into a huge advantage throughout your organization.
Integration with popular software
Paygo integrates seamlessly with popular back office systems like ADD, AWE, Cargas, Blue Cow and more.
Financing for deferred customer payments
Paygo provides the financing that allows you to pay your suppliers on their terms, even though you don’t bill your customers until after they use the fuel.
A partner who understands your business and how to grow it
Paygo is brought to you by industry veterans who understand your business at all levels, and what it takes to succeed. Our goal isn’t to enroll more Paygo customers; it’s to help our Paygo Partners WIN!