About Paygo

Paygo is the brainchild of Phil Baratz, CEO of Paygo, LLC, and also Angus Energy. Angus Energy has been advising oil and propane companies about fuel purchases and hedging for more than 25 years. Over the last 5 years, Phil assembled a team of leading industry professionals with deep backgrounds in BOS software integration and business intelligence solutions, Fuel company finance, training, marketing and operational management. All of these resources, and more, were combined to launch Paygo. Today Paygo has the technology to seamlessly integrate with existing delivery and billing software. It has developed promotional tools for partners to use with customers and prospects and training programs to empower fuel company sales and customer service personnel. It has a financing program for dealers firmly in place. And it was awarded its first patent by the U.S. Government in September 2014. Our vision is to employ all of the power of Paygo to transform the future of our Paygo Partner clients. To give strong, service-driven companies a competitive advantage that allows them to attract new business, delight their customers, and distance themselves from competitors.