Take charge of your heating oil or propane bill with Paygo

If you’re a homeowner who has come to our corporate site, we’re thrilled. Paygo exists to help fuel dealers give you the ability to:

  • Pay for your fuel ONLY after you use it
  • Keep your money in your own pocket longer
  • Guarantee you won’t run out of fuel—ever
  • Make your average fuel payment a little smaller and easier to handle

When your company offers Paygo, you won’t pay for fuel that just sits in your tank, doing nothing. You pay only after you use it, just like your electric bill. So even if you get a spring or summer delivery costing say, $600 you might pay only a fraction of that for months. Or say you get a delivery for 150 gallons in November, but use only 60 gallons that month, that’s all you pay. It’s the fairest possible way to pay for fuel, and you come out the winner.

Is there a Paygo dealer near you?

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Ask your fuel company whether they offer Paygo

If they do, we urge you to enroll today.
If they do not currently offer Paygo, ask them whether and how soon they will.

If you don’t like their answer, give us your contact information now, and we’ll tell you if we have a provider in your area.

Stop paying for fuel that just sits in your tank. Ask us to find you a Paygo dealer today.