How Paygo works for you and your customers

We’ve shown why Paygo offers a great opportunity to grow your oil or propane company. Here’s how it works on a practical basis within your company.We have devoted a huge amount of resources so that all the complex things happen behind the scenes. Paygo was designed to function within the framework of your own systems, pricing strategies, etc. You don’t have to change how you operate to offer Paygo, although Paygo may open up some new possibilities to make your company even better.
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Designed to fit seamlessly into your existing business framework


Your customer enrolls by signing your Paygo enrollment agreement. You simply enter a select code in your back-office system, designating this a Paygo billing customer. On his or her next delivery, you start billing after the fuel is used.


Your customer continues to get your normal delivery ticket just as they do now, with gallons delivered and price per gallon noted.


The Paygo system keeps track of all the deliveries and how much is left from each batch of fuel, and feeds that back into your back office system. Your monthly fuel estimates are made either using readings from a Paygo tank monitor or your degree-day estimates. True-ups occur with each delivery. Only automatic delivery customers are allowed on Paygo.


You send a statement at the end of each month that shows the fuel you estimated the customer used that month, at the price it was originally delivered. True-ups happen with each delivery. Fuel is billed on a FIFO basis. Payment is due according to your regular credit terms, from the statement date.


Within 10 days of any delivery, Paygo reimburses you for your wholesale cost of that fuel. You reimburse Paygo incrementally as you bill the customer, plus the Paygo program fee.


Paygo integrates seamlessly with many popular back-office systems including ADD, AWE, Cargas and Blue Cow, with more on the way.


You set prices, credit terms, etc. just as now. Paygo can work with variable, cap or fixed prices (but not prebuys).

All primed and ready to build your business and increase your market share today.

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