Companies are starting to leverage the Power of Paygo

Now that we are offering Paygo to the market, the number of companies offering the service is starting to grow rapidly. And they are putting it to good use – in TV commercials, web marketing, social media, direct mail, print ads, and customer upgrades. Here’s what a few of them have to say:
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paygo-in-action-samples-petroStar Gas/Petro

“I’m excited about the possibilities that Paygo offers for adding and retaining customers, and enhancing our positioning in the market place. It’s the kind of innovative approach that could really resonate with today’s new breed of fuel customers.”

—Steve Goldman CEO, Star Gas/Petro
paygo-in-action-samples-deiterDeiter Bros

“Paygo is definitely a big hit with customers who think it’s more fair, and it helps us stand out in a crowded field.”

—James Deiter, President, Deiter Bros.