Introducing the Gremlin Tank Monitor

So affordable you can use them on every tank.
So easy and reliable you’ll want to.

The game has gotten tougher. Time for reinforcements.

In the old days, the game was simpler. Now winters swing from record cold one year to record warm the next. 15% of fuel customers have secondary heat sources. The K-factor just can’t keep up. And that doesn’t even take into consideration propane accounts that are not on a heat curve.

As gallons per customer shrink, your deliveries need to be as streamlined and flexible as possible. Industry experts agree that each delivery costs between $50 and $75 per stop, all in. Filling tanks at Truly Optimum™ levels, and eliminating deliveries, is mission critical for today’s oil and propane companies.

Your Gremlins will

  • Wreak havoc on inefficient deliveries and wasted money
  • Make run-outs disappear
  • Terrorize sneaky deliveries from discount companies
  • Defend your customers 24/7

Gremlins are available to any fuel company, whether or not you offer Paygo billing.

Finally, a tank monitor that really delivers.

Paygo took proven monitor technology, harnessed the cost-saving power of the internet and leveraged proprietary integration methodology to create a solution that makes it easy for you to use monitors broadly and with confidence.


Just $79 per unit, and a $2-per-month monitoring fee. Financing is available.


Manufactured by a company with over 1,000,000 monitors in the field, supported by a company with over 25 years of fuel industry experience.


It takes 10 minutes, with a smartphone app that shows your tech immediately that the device is reporting correctly. It has a 7 year+ lithium battery.


Seemless reporting directly into the most popular office systems (ADD, Cargas, Blue Cow, AWE and more) so it transforms your delivery efficiency effortlessly.


One that lets customers see how much fuel is in their tank, when their last delivery was and when you are planning to make their next delivery.

See how the consumer app works:

What is your Truly Optimum™ tank fill?

Most companies think the optimal fill for a 275-gallon oil tank is around 65% of capacity, because they need to leave a big cushion. In reality, most companies don’t even get close.

But what if you weren’t guessing? What if you actually knew what was in the tank at all times? How much could you raise that number while actually reducing run-outs, and how many deliveries could you eliminate? If you sell propane, how many wasted stops could you avoid?

With Gremlins on your tanks, delivering Truly Optimum™ fills isn’t a question. It’s your new future.

tank graph

Make your customers feel 100% confident.

Only 39% of oil and propane customers believe their company will never let them run out of fuel.* With Gremlins, customers will know you aren’t just guessing. They will have a smart phone app that shows them how much fuel is in their tank and when they will get their next delivery.

Customers don’t just think it’s cool. They think you’re cool.

confidence graph
*2013 study conducted by Polk-Lepson research of fuel customers in 7 states.


“We needed a world-class, reliable and inexpensive monitor to precisely track fuel use. That way, our Paygo clients could accurately bill homeowners only for the fuel they actually used. We tried existing monitors, and ran into the same problems you do — either they didn’t work right, weren’t supported well or cost too much to use broadly.

So we had one built to our demanding specifications by a company with decades of experience, and over 1,000,000 units in the field. The Gremlin came out so well we decided to offer it to the general market and spark a revolution in delivery efficiency. The response has been amazing.”

Philip Baratz
CEO of Paygo and Angus Energy

Philip Baratz, CEO of Paygo and Angus Energy


• Low cost

• Time-tested technology

• Designed with reliability and ease of installation built in

• Fully integrated with popular BOS

• Customer smartphone app generates instant confidence

• Backed by outstanding support from a company with a 25-year track record of dependability and performance

All for just $79 per monitor plus $2 per month monitoring fee.


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