Why use Paygo to grow your business?

So often, fuel companies are painted as the bad guys. Customers think you wait to make deliveries until prices are highest. You fill them up when it works for you, not them. They think you profit from price spikes. A surprising number are concerned they’ll run out. We know you’ve heard all this, but a seven-state market research study confirmed it’s even worse than you think.

Today, it’s not enough to be good. You need to be different. You need to stand out from a crowd that mostly looks alike to the average homeowner. You need to be able to attract and keep customers when there are plenty of other competitors willing to charge less.

That’s where Paygo comes in.

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Why Paygo? Because Paygo gives you an extraordinary advantage

Paygo allows you to bill customers just like the utilities do: after they use your fuel.

It’s been four years in the making, with millions of dollars invested and a patented process to make it customer ready, powerful and complete.

For your customers: Paygo keeps money in their pockets longer. They don’t have to pay for fuel that sits in their tank doing nothing. They don’t worry about getting a big delivery when they didn’t expect, or want it. Their average payments are naturally a little smaller and easier to handle. They are guaranteed not to run out of fuel. Not surprisingly, customers really like this. They even start thinking differently about their fuel company.
For fuel companies: the benefits are even more powerful. Paygo erects real barriers to exit that can significantly increase retention. It gives you a phenomenal way to attract full-service customers and hold on to new business longer. You can get and keep more customers on automatic, since the size of the deliveries and the timing no longer matter. Likewise, you can make spring and summer fills with little pushback. You can use Paygo-supplied tank monitors to not just estimate fuel use, but to route your trucks more efficiently and reduce run-outs. Plus, Paygo provides the financing that enables you to pay your suppliers on their terms, while still waiting to bill the customer until they use the fuel.

Why Paygo? Because we’ve thought of everything

The people bringing Paygo to market have spent decades in the oil and propane industry working with hundreds of companies in virtually every aspect of their businesses. We don’t just understand what you are up against in your market, we understand the inner workings of your business. So when we say we’ve thought of everything, we mean:

See Paygo in Action

Customizable promotional tools

We provide a broad range of creative marketing tools to help you maximize the potential with your own customers, as well as the broader market.

When we did the initial market research, 39% of customers said they’d prefer to pay this way. Another 11% on top of that said that if their own company didn’t offer Paygo, they’d look for one who did.

We can provide you with the sales flyers, post cards, mailers, newsletter articles, pay-per-click programs, radio ads, print ads, social media postings, etc. to make this a reality.

In fact, every company gets a customized Paygo enrollment website that links to your own site.

Tank monitors…

that precisely estimate fuel use, and allow you to dramatically increase delivery efficiency. Degree day estimates can also be used, as true-ups happen with every delivery.

Runs within your existing system

Paygo has integrated with most of the popular back-office software so you can generate customer statements seamlessly and keep track of everything within your own system.


that allows you to pay your suppliers in 10 days, even though you sometimes won’t bill customers for the fuel for months.

Ongoing training and support…

for your sales and customer service team, so they can learn how to explain and leverage the program for maximum impact. Not just when you launch, but all the time.

Ongoing, innovative ideas…

for your business. We are not just building a new payment approach, we are building Paygo Partner companies’ success. And the same innovation that drove Paygo to reality, promises to bring more breakthroughs associated with this program in areas of predictable customer analytics, retention analysis, new customer acquisition strategies and more.


Why Paygo? Because Paygo is exclusive

Paygo will only be made available to the top 15% of the market. We are interested in working with solid, full-service oil and propane companies who deliver excellent service and reliability, but find themselves in markets that don’t reward that as much as they used to, with predictable impact on new sales and retention. We know we can be a difference maker for a select group, and we plan to make our difference exclusive.

If you’re ready to be your customers’ hero, grow your business, defeat competitors and build a brighter future,
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